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Desc:Internet 3.0 will have animated gif avatars with in-line sound
Category:Short Films, Humor
Tags:scatman, gif, short and sweet, Reddit
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The Mothership
Scatman tag, please.
What is that audio playing over Homer? I want to know what it is but it's impossible to Google it.
Ranma X.
Chacarron Mocaron by El Chombo

I was surprised to be able to find that in Shazam.

Shoebox Joe
He also has a link to the song list on the youtube page with order of appearence.

I now know Garbage made a catchy tune that is burning into my brain. I don't listen much to them but I may now!

So we've just come full circle to YTMND, then. Good.
It's the Circle of Stuff.

Dread Pirate Roberts
As a web developer, I hate this idea. As an internet junkie, I think it could be interesting if they were done as well as these.

Love the dubstep mustache cat.
Dubstep moustache cat was already set to dubstep: https://vimeo.com/36820781

Then gifified.

Then set back to other dubstep. Great job!

Caminante Nocturno
I had completely forgotten about the Dragula video...

... Until now.
five but seriously... you guys remember ytmnd.com right?
For some reason I woke up with the Orgazmo theme in my head, and there it is! So stars for that.
Jet Bin Fever
The last one was the best.

YTMND is now kinda hard to watch, but years ago it when it was still fresh it was more like this. cute little sound/gif combos you could watch to get a chuckle out of. I liked all of these at least a little, and that should always be enough for stars.
I think most people know Chacarron from the Batman YTMND.

Most of these are just Stone Cold Steve Awful, but the five or so that aren't made my day.
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