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Desc:...with his fist. الله أكبر
Category:Religious, Educational
Tags:islam, Pat Robertson, domestic abuse, Right Wing Watch, traditional marriage
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Comment count is 11
I'm convinced that in our lifetimes, extreme Christians and extreme Muslims will coalesce into a single group. They are already so similar.
That guy
And you will never impress that on them.
I mean "upon them".
For LO, it shall come to pass that he who was liketh unto the sons of backhanded slaps of the mouth shall surpasseth even the loftieth of harlots etc etc etc

But also, yeah, divorce that bitch? Set up some kind of positive advice here, rightwingwatch.org - don't just criticize.

American Standard
Keep talking, Pat. Keep that gender gap in the polls strong. This social liberal thanks you.
This is actually an old clip of Robertson from a year or two ago. It's making the internet rounds now because it's one of the gazillion examples of Robertson saying something totally crazy and/or sociopathic and Mitt Romney just attended a political campaign event the other day with Robertson by his side.
Typical Pat, doesn't know shit about the actual situation but gives horrible armchair advice anyway.
Hahaha, look at the absolute ADMIRATION in his eyes when talking about Sharia practices.
Rodents of Unusual Size
I wish I could slip him some laxatives in whatever he's drinking. For a week or five.
Jet Bin Fever
I hope God waits to take him until after he undermines the entirety of evangelism.
Corpus Delectable
This guy. He's already my favorite, but he just keeps at it. His dedication makes him my favorite again.

He's like the double rainbow of evangelical weirdos.
No, God, NO. You take that For the Record fucker first. YOU HEARD ME.
I love how they always get some woman in here to squirm uncomfortably while he rambles like a maniac.
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