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Desc:He's not a person, but he IS writhing on the ground
Category:Accidents & Explosions, Crime
Tags:oops, conspiracy theorist, tazed, courthouse
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The Townleybomb
You cannot argue that this isn't a good use of taxpayer dollars.
Justice still exists in this world.
Don't joinder me, bro!
It's a shame the barbs didn't catch him in the throat and make his scream vibrate, similar sound to when someone talks into a fan.

That would have made my morning.
Relax, he's only tazing your person.

Oscar Wildcat
Sweet! My cat does the same thing when he wants my attention. Except, when I finally grab him and mush his head, he purrs, rather than scream like a little girl as this fuckwit does.
That's because your cat is a person.

P Barnes, playing it cool.
Heh, textbook P Barnes...
Jet Bin Fever
Dude that is CLASSIC Barnes.

He's trying to use that dumb "Freeman on the Land" nonsense. The idea that your legal entity and your real, personal self are two different things. It's total nonsense, pseudo-legal bullshit. RationalWiki has a good write up on it.
This is literally one of the dumbest beliefs I've ever heard of.

Sovereign citizens are comedy gold and will only get better with time and a likely re-election..l

Caminante Nocturno
I'm going to make a camping mod for Half-Life 2 and call it Freeman of the Land.

So satisfying.
Caminante Nocturno
Oh, no! My freedoms! AAAAAAARGH!!!
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