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Desc:90 minute internet pay-per-view debate coming October 6th
Category:Advertisements, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:Jon Stewart, Daily Show, factor, debate, bill o reilly
Submitted:Prickly Pete
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Comment count is 17
Battle of the moderately-entertaining-hosts-turned-political-blowhards!

Seriously, there is going to be enough smug in that room to create a singularity that will collapse when everyone disappears up their own asshole.
Both sides are equally smug!

What do you find to be more than moderately entertaining?

I think the purpose of this comment was to unveil the "smug singularity" joke he's been saving up.

dude's cynicism is like a bad fart. not a loud, transgressive fart that is done with pride and purpose, but a flaccid embarrassing hiss that oozes out of a drunk old man.

Surely, there's nothing worse than being smug?

Caminante Nocturno
At what point has Jon Stewart been reasonably comparable to Bill O'Reilly?
Old People
It's gonna be a slaughter.

When audiences were polled for news literacy, Bill and Jon's viewers were the most literate, far beyond everyone else. So this will be a debate between the statistically only accurate names in news.

Spaceman Africa

This will be predictable.

Stewart: "Can't you admit you stretch the truth and do a whole shitload of dishonest things?"

O'Reilly "NO MORE THAN LIEBERALS DO!! Oh and by the way, the people who watch your show SMOKE POT CONSTANTLY!!""

End scene.
Stewart: [cogent point, backed up by facts]

O'Reilly: [makes the singular point he had prepared]

Stewart: [offers reasonable counterpoint]

O'Reilly: [lame attempt at joke to ease tension]

Stewart: [politely plays along with joke, then returns to cogent point and facts]

O'Reilly: [desperate invocation of "how'd the moon get there?" logic]

Stewart: [asks if serious]

O'Reilly: [dismissive "pinhead" insult of some kind]

I'm not sure how they expect to fill the remaining 85 minutes, though. They'll probably bring out Colbert.

actually bill will probably control the whole 'debate', jon will have a handful of good lines but will mostly be bumrushed by bill's aggressive style and be forced to fall back on deflective, humorous answers when faced with loaded questions: "are you a socialist or do you support the troops?" yuks will be had, mission accomplished.

When will Fox News employees catch on to the fact that Jon Stewart is on FUCKING COMEDY CENTRAL FOR FUCKS SAKE!?!?!?
When Comedy Central stops being an accurate source of news.

When people stop using that "Al Gore invented the internet" gag. So never I guess?

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