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Desc:From a channel called DateAGamer, but this is probably just a hooker.
Category:Video Games, Crime
Tags:prostitute, GAMER GURL, horseface, DateAGamer
Submitted:Pope Caius
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Comment count is 29
This HAS to be a satire...right?
My boner has taken a vacation, 5 for making tits un-sexy.
Sleeping with someone AFTER the first date sure is tough.
Eroticus E
I like the horse face tag. It indicates to me that Pope Caius is an alpha male who fucks mad hot bitches left and right. She's a hooker RIGHT? What a HOOKER. :)
Pope Caius
I am but a rape culture elemental, shambling through the dark corners of the internet. Oozing vitriol and caffeine as I gnarr my many croaking songs, inviting shut-ins to dance with me.

Caminante Nocturno
Five stars for Pope Caius hurting Eroticus E's feelings.

Eroticus E
Really? That's how you're interpreting that exchange? I suppose it's difficult to discern attractiveness when your standard of beauty is prepubescent Japanese cartoons.

Caminante Nocturno
Awesome, I hurt your feelings, too.

You wouldn't think someone with the username Eroticus E would be so sensitive, and yet...

Eroticus E
So for what it's worth, I was pretty drunk last night. That being said, I stand by the original statement that every one of you would fuck this girl and brag to your friends about it. (They wouldn't believe you.)

Congratulations, you've found something that a man would fuck. I hope that you plan on sharing this amazing discovery with the various scientific journals of the world.

big pincers
I might bone her scally brother. would that hurt anyone's feelings?

Pope Caius
I wouldn't. She doesn't look a thing like my mother.

man i was already in mad sneer mode when i clicked play and then it turned out she's british? ugh that accent makes my skin crawl, had to turn it off
Mad Sneer Mode would be a good name for a band.

Also, there has been articles done. Yes, all these sites are a hoax. They use a generic template for a dating site you can buy, and no one talks about games and most girls are actually robots.

The bad kind of robot that sends you spam, not the kind a gamer would like.

I would love to see that article.

This one?


How many cut away boob shots are in this thing?

Prickly Pete
I counted 1337

Take these, Fabio. You earned them.

She is in no way reading off of cue cards.
John Holmes Motherfucker
Apparently, the secret is to date ugly women. I've tried that, and it absolutely works.
I don't see why we can't be both.
Date A Chav.com
I must be old-fashioned. I always think "date" means you have an ongoing relationship with a person, maybe see them a couple of times a week for activities beyond sex.
PUAs tells us that IoI suffers with a RRoI leading to IIoDD if you see her more than once a week.

Everything I know about dating I learned from Frankenhooker.

They should do one on how to treat a prostitute well enough she will be willing to schedule a second session with you.
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