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Desc:We do it for you you fucking assholes!
Category:Video Games
Tags:yelling, Pikachu, pokemon, anger management, egoraptor
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pressed peanut sweepings
It's crass, it's crude, but the voice-acting and kricfalusi-esque expressions made me laugh.
pressed peanut sweepings
However, I've heard that puffins are actually very nourishing.

When all you feed a pokemon are illegal irons and carbos, this is what happens. They become all angry and their ligaments snap.
My stars are for bummed-out Venusaur.
Shouldn't like it, but do.
I usually hate heavy handed derp parodies like this one, but there's just... something...

Venusaur, BAAMMM!!!
It's an oldie but this guy's Metal Gear Awesome parodies nail the insane plot pretty good.
Dinkin Flicka
This reminds me of Louis CK. I'M GOING TO GO WATCH SOME LOUIS CK!
American Standard
Man, this wasn't already here? I assumed it had to be, that's why I never submitted it.

Five for the grown man's voice screaming "Pikachuuu!"
Binro the Heretic
Pikachu is kind of self-righteous for a dude who just spent three turns zapping another monster.
Five stars, you asshole! You...I...just...just shut up! AHHHH! Fuck! My knee!
Rodents of Unusual Size
I laughed until it hurt.

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