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memedumpster - 2012-09-25

Would anyone like to pet my giant furry crab?

Caminante Nocturno - 2012-09-25

That giant squid monster with such a high opinion of itself was the easiest boss to beat in the NES Godzilla game. Even Varan put up more of a fight than it did.

they'reforyou - 2012-09-25

That giant squid monster is named Gezora.

Binro the Heretic - 2012-09-25

I saw this even before I saw my first "Godzilla" movie. It came on super-late on a Saturday night and was sponsored by a local Lincoln Mercury dealer who used a live cougar in his commercials.

Lincoln Mercuries, cougars and giant rubber squids are forever linked in my mind. I cannot think of one without thinking of the other.

Which has become all the more interesting since "cougar" has become a slang term for middle-aged women who pursue younger men.

they'reforyou - 2012-09-25

One of Toho's weakest non-Godzilla productions, featuring an Ifukebe score that recycles the Pharo Island King Kong chant from the gross abomination that is King Kong vs. Godzilla.
But I can't not five star something form Toho.

Rodents of Unusual Size - 2012-09-26

Irresistable, terrorizing, and delicious.

fedex - 2012-09-26

one of the best thing about this movie is that it is in the Public Domain, you can pretty much use it for whatever you like

they'reforyou - 2012-09-26

This film is absolutely NOT in public domain. None of Toho Studio's Godzilla/Giant Monster/General Science Fiction films are in public domain. They never have been. This is a common misconception because, in the 80s and early 90s, the American versions of these films, which had aired on television for quite some time, were distributed as such. That's why there were so many low quality pan and scan VHS copies of these films from GoodTimes and others companies. Toho fought for quite some time to rectify this problem, and now it's more or less taken care of. "Yog: The Monster from Space" was licensed from Toho by Media Blasters for an American DVD release during the last decade. That's the only legal home video release of this film available, and it's out of print (although you can still find copies online and in some stores).

Classic Media, Media Blasters, and Sony currently own most of the home distribution rights for these movies. They all have to license these films from Toho, and they have to follow Toho's very strict guidelines. Media Blasters got into big trouble last year when they released a special edition of Destroy All Monsters which included bonus material Toho didn't approve of. They WERE going to release Godzilla vs. Megalon last year, too, but because of their carelessness, they had to wait until August of this year for that release.

This is why the Godzilla vs. Megalon episode of MST3K was removed from the DVD release several years ago and replaced with a different movie.

fedex - 2012-09-26

wow, well you are obviously well versed in this stuff so I'll bow to you on it

Nikon - 2012-09-27

All right then.

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