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Desc:From the 2006 Akiba Robot Fair
Category:Science & Technology
Tags:Robot, Japan, creepy, woman, realistic
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Comment count is 14
WOW. Better not get a handjob from that thing. Might rip your goddamn dick off.
There's a skin-job walkin' the streets.
Meatsack Jones
To paraphrase a wise man, "WHY ARE WE MAKING ROBOTS TO LOOK LIKE US?!"
Will cyborgs try to kill us or sell us cosmetics?
The cameraman is trying to figure out how to get a robot upskirt shot
Gentlemen...we are about 10 years away from robot hookers...
Welcome to Delos. This tram leads to cosmetics convention world...
Jacques Strap
I sure hope the robot hookers are programmed to clean themselves
I'm gonna need a Voight-Kampff test in here, real quick.
More like "creepy jizz-soaked realdoll"
And, suddenly, the primary motive for human interaction is rendered obsolete.
Wonko the Sane
This thing needs to die
So was anybody surprised by this thing's country of origin? No? I didn't think so.
j lzrd / swift idiot
"Realistic" you say?

I think we're having a slight miscommunication here.
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