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Desc:This is stupid.
Category:Arts, Fashion
Tags:star trek, Klingons, psy, gangnam
Submitted:The Mothership
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Comment count is 20
Psy is best appreciated in the original Klingon.
Wonder how long until they do a Star Wars "Gungan Style."
Yeah, here it is:


The Star Trek parody at least tried harder. You know it's a sad Meme when even the chicks dressed as Slave Leia give you the stink eye.

I thought this was the kind of stupid that didn't deserve stars, but then I got to Whoopi in the elevator.
Rodents of Unusual Size
Yeah, I was expecting maybe a Wesley Crusher or a Sulu but that was a surprise.

I hate people that learn Klingon so 5 stars!

Caminante Nocturno
I turned on the captions and was surprised to learn that the Klingon language has expletives.

It's a silly thing to be surprised at.
This takes all the charm out of the song.
Jet Bin Fever
WOW that's original and unexpected! A Star Trek parody of something that's popular on the internet, how novel!
The Mothership
I told you it was stupid.

Deanna Troi and Beverly Crusher doing yoga in the park
The Data Tapdance
The lyrics eventually degenerating into random rhyming nouns pulled out of The Klingon Dictionary
Not so much for the video, but for how glorious your beard must be to identify rhyming nouns in Klingon.

The video has captions

I just noticed the tribble stomping and drowning.

This is top notch anti-Federation propaganda against the encroachment of Alpha Quadrant civilization.
Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
Having this playing on my computer caused me to internally say "What am I doing with my life!?" Though I'm pretty tired atm.
Artlessly conducted by humans that aren't worthy of a pulse.
100% pure wolf urine.
I hate Klingon Opera.
Juice Eggs McKenna
You expect me to believe "hey sexy lady" doesn't exist in Klingon?
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