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Desc:The only currently running Tiger II tank drives by. Weight = 69.8 tons
Category:Military, Science & Technology
Tags:tank, ww2, King Tiger, Tiger II, Panzer VI Ausf. B
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Beautiful. But I don't think I'd sit so close.
that could crush a walnut
Meatsack Jones
I'd been scared shitless of that thing bearing down on me in the field. Modern tanks are wussy.
Thankfully they were rushed into the field too quickly and broke down a lot.
God, it sounds like it's going to break down ANY SECOND.

Syd Midnight
I'm glad Germany wasn't working at full efficiency when it came time for them to invent things to kill Americans. They had Big Ideas.

Somehow, knowing it's a wind-up tank makes it less fierce
Syd Midnight
Think of it this way, it takes 2 stout Germans JUST TO TURN THE KEY.

I know of no more effective way to frighten Donald Sutherland
j lzrd / swift idiot
Meatsack, yeah, it's ugly, but it's not going 60MPH either. Modern tanks zoom.
A walnut? That thing could crush a Volkswagen.
Pie Boy
Blitzkrieg is scary shit.
Syd Midnight
Back then, tanks had to choose between Boom or Zoom. This was as close as you'd get to a Boss Fight.
Syd Midnight
I just noticed.. right at the end it looks like its about to crush the puny Sherman in front of it.

j lzrd / swift idiot
Technically, a division of these badboys rolling over the grassy European countryside would be the Boss Fight.

Also, fave'd.

How many feet to the gallon does that thing get?
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