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Desc:They say so themselves
Category:Fashion, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:jerry springer, response, bronies
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Comment count is 19
Jet Bin Fever
Poet, wannabe standup comic, minister of a made-up church... three great professions wrapped up in one useless person.
She's a discordian, too. Big surprise.

In true discordian fashion they have brought discord among the fandom. Discord would be proud.

I thought this comment was funny.
"Tara strong's tweet : ''NOPONY go on Springer.''
There's 2 kinds of bronies. Those of listen to the queen , and those who aren't real bronies.
They aren't real bronies."

They inform us of the most unimportant details of the world around us. 5 stars.

I bet they had a killer Geocities page.

Thanks for reminding me that Discordians gamed People Online's beautiful person contest so Hank the Angry Drunken Dwarf won it.

Shoebox Joe
Cena, I embarrassing rolled my eyes and smiled thanks to you.

Next on the agenda. Schizophrenia, do I have it? Get the fuck away from me.

The explanation they offer us for Horngate sounds both unconvincing and insincere.


Rainbow Dash's Tumblr. Surprise! She's into Nietzsche and is Otherkin-curious.

Shoebox Joe
I can not confirm the horn gate either. Even Ebay has nothing to give on the matter.

I am glad to know the ire towards them is a lot more justified than I thought it was.

what the fuck are you all talking about
Don't care.
I don't see the problem, these people seem as useless and disgusting as the average brony, complete with pathetic, laborious attempts at being wacky and zany in place of a personality.
Void 71
Discordians and Subgeniuses have probably always been like this. The internet just allows us to see them now.

Good for them i guess.
Wow, that woman's face is just... wow. Are her eyes just waaaaay too far apart? I can't pin down exactly what's wrong.

No wait, I got it. She's 40 and dressed like she's 16.

Never mind.
Sad, always when you see some person pushing into middle age, especially a nerd, still clinging to juvenile attempts at 'expressing' their 'identity', and (probably) still nursing a streak of FUCK YOU MOM AND DAD-ish faux-rebelliousness.

So they're not actors, they're just desperate for attention and willing to do anything to get it.

So functionally, speaking, no different from most actors.
He didn't choose the thug life.
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