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Desc:This movie doesn't get the love it deserves
Category:Classic Movies
Tags:Tim Burton, jack nicholson, Mars Attacks
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Comment count is 37
I'm convinced this is the best thing Tim Burton ever did for film.

I'm a Pee-wee's Big Adventure man myself. However, I certainly agree that this is the last good thing he ever did for film.


Caminante Nocturno
Frankenweenie just came out, and it's pretty good.

No Caminante Nocturno. You, as a PoETV resident, aren't allowed to like anything Tim Burton did after Mars Attacks. It's forbidden.

This, Pee Wee's Big Adventure and Beetlejuice are the only Tim Burton things I can sit through anymore.

Billy the Poet
Not really the best movie, but the creatures are great.

PWBA, Beetlejuice, and the _real_ live-action Batman are his best films.

Ed Wood was the best thing he did.

Beetlejuice, Batman, Batman Returns, Ed Wood, Mars Attacks, Big Fish. What else.... Nightmare Before Christmas? And that other one that was sort of like Nightmare Before Christmas but not?

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Time for some motherfucking X-COM.
10-08-12, 1:55AM: One....more....day....

I just read the yt comments, and they're a mix of "illuminati symbol! and "Obama foreign policy" comments.
The last decent Tim Burton movie.
ONE of the last decent burton flicks. Dont be _that_ jaded.
I'm far too fond of Sleepy Hollow, I guess I'm one of the few who "gets" the stilted Hammer Horror dialogue going on in that movie.

This movie came out the same year as Indepence Day, this movie has:

-The USA military portrayed as useless, and run by war-loving lunatics
-Sarah Jessica Parker's head attached to a Chihuahua's body
-A mariachi band playing the USA anthem
-Hippies causing an intergalactic war
-Pam Grier and Tom Jones in the supporting cast
-A young kid and an elderly woman as the heros

That ID4, an empty patriotic piece of drivel, became the box office hit of the year and not this says all you need to know.
Caminante Nocturno
Don't forget Joe Don Baker as the trailer trash dad, a Martian seducing its way into the White House in a creepy lady disguise, and the Nancy Reagan-esque first lady being crush by a chandelier.

not to mention all the "AK-AK-AK!"

The martian language was originally just a made-up temp track thing, and then they decided to just leave it in, which is great.

-Jim Brown boxing an Alien
-Tom Jones song as the ending soundtrack
-Based off of this bizarre trading card set:


I don't think ID4 was meant to be taken quite as seriously as a lot of people think. In fact, I remember when it came out Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich giving interviews where they talked about how it was sort of intended to be a modern Irwin Allen movie or something.

People think it was meant to be taken seriously?

Given all the people who think that it's over the top AMURICA #1 is supposed to be a serious sentiment, I would say yes, I guess so.

After the "today the whole world celebrates our Independence Day!" speech, the theater I saw it in America burst into applause. My cousin in Switzerland told me they burst into laughter.

People that take ID4 seriously are the same crowd that think Starship Troopers is some sort of pro-facist, jingo propaganda piece.

Or as I like to call them, idiots.

Caminante Nocturno
I think I still have the trading cards this movie was based off of, somewhere next to my Garbage Pail Kids and Dinosaurs Attack collections.
Seven Arts/H8 Red
Woody Gelman and Len Brown don't get enough respect for Topps' novelty trading cards. Gelman and Brown managed to convince some decent artists - e.g., Wally Wood, Art Spiegelman, Basil Wolverton, R. Crumb - to draw pictures of shitty puns, Martians attacking Earthlings, Civil War soldiers dying in gory ways, etc.

In 2012, Topps has gone from this to Club Penguin and Monsuno cards, and whoring its own nostalgia.

Special movie for me because for my birthday my family took me to it. It was the day I realized my dad was old because afterwards he complained that the movie was too loud.

Not the last good Burton flick, but the last one that held any meaning.

P.S. Seriously, no love for Big Fish?
I dug "Big Fish".

Big Fish was good, but it really wasn't a "Tim Burton" film in the purest sense. Sure it was directed by him, but it was far more art-house than his other stuff.

My theory lately is that he uses the many shitty films to pay for the few good films.

I like this movie a lot more than others around me do... because they are dumb.
Macho Nacho
I'm sorry, but this movie traumatized me as a kid and I never been able to fully watch it even to this day.
{nelson} HA-HAH!! {/nelson}

Macho Nacho
Meanie. :(

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