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Desc:Which one is the picture and which one is the drawing?
Tags:rabbit, Eminem, Is It Art?, Slim Shady, Marshall Mathers
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Comment count is 13
Hahaha, okay, how did you find this.
Toenails didn't have to look far, after all, its his room.

Oh, I just trawl through unwatchable crap by searching for random words or phrases and then switching to "Upload Date" or "Newest".

In this case I began searching for "How to Draw the Undertaker" because, of course who wouldn't want to draw that, right? Didn't like any of the videos, so I just searched for "How to Draw" and when you see "perfect eminem drawing" you know you got something magical.

Shout out to FreeOJ because I saw him mention a day or so ago that he has a similar approach.

Toenails, you are the coolest person alive, but I fear for your health if you continue burning the candle at both ends with total reckless abandon.

It's great to have people slaving away in the Youtube mines to bring me these jewels, and I only have to pay them in imaginary stars

Caminante Nocturno
Looks like his best friend got drawing lessons from David Gonterman.
Forget the awesome drawing, I want to know how he got that super cool pulsing-focus effect on his video.
I'm guessing you have to use a really shitty camera that makes everything shake like jell-o, then run it through a stabilization filter.

It's at least as good as that drawing of Heisenberg on "Breaking Bad". I'm constantly amazed that Hank hasn't been able to ID his brother-in-law from that drawing.
I laughed so much at the video. The cheap attempt to get people to subscribe to his yt account is really the icing on the cake for me.
Comment if you like the drawing or if you think it's really cool and looks just like him or whatever.

Jet Bin Fever
I hope that kid draws a badass dragon next.
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