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Desc:Did you drink liquid nitrogen? Here's what your future looks like.
Category:Educational, Horror
Tags:poop, stomach, liquid nitrogen, drano, intestine
Submitted:Colonel Cowlung
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Comment count is 10
boner - 2012-10-10
The human body is a horror show that you can't escape (perfectly built by God, though)
chumbucket - 2012-10-10
Kids, don't drink Drano, ok?
RockBolt - 2012-10-10
Man I don't remember what show this was or any other episode but I vividly remembered this guy
Jet Bin Fever - 2012-10-10
Holy fuck. Seeing the bolus being pushed through is really disturbing.
EvilHomer - 2012-10-10
Oh hell, not this guy again. Is this a dupe? I know I've seen this somewhere, and I can't imagine what other context I would have seen it in.

Five stars, but please don't blame nitrogen for the actions of irresponsible owners. Nitrogen is an innocent gas of peace.
Caminante Nocturno - 2012-10-10
What's with the faint sound of a screaming cat at 4:05?
Kabbage - 2012-10-10
Okay first off, horrifying.

That said, I had to get my large intestine taken out earlier this year because of a particularly intense case of ulcerative colitis. Basically, I couldn't eat food after a point, due to the pain, I had to just rely on intravenous feeding through my arm. At a certain point, I opted to have the entire intestine removed, so I could go back to some semblance of a life.

When it was out, it took my body about six months to adjust. Usually I'd be going to the bathroom 12 times a day, sometimes more, not often less. It was not fun. After these six months, though, I more or less got down to a reasonable six times a day, with not much different than before I'd had to deal with all of this.

At this point I think it's leveling off, and things are basically back to normal. They'll never BE quite normal, but considering I had one of the best gastrointestinal surgeons in Boston working on me, I'm happy as hell with the results.

So, for the most part, I know that your body doesn't really NEED a large intestine. I think he lost a lot more than that, though, judging by the fact that 6 minutes after eating, he's in the bathroom.
rustedmutt - 2012-10-10
'Body horror' tag? Eeeeugh.
urbanelf - 2012-10-10
Wait, wait, wait, wait... His name was Doctor Eaten?
Spaceman Africa - 2012-10-11
it's like something out of a Cronenberg movie
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