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Desc:Disney's answer to Disco Duck
Category:Arts, Business
Tags:Disney, Donald Duck, disco
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Comment count is 9
Disco Duck was mighty gay, but a MACHO Duck? Why, that sounds quite wholesome and manly.
Had this on vinyl.


The Townleybomb
This was the most hardcore shit ever when I was 5, but then I turned 6 and the album "Chipmunk Punk" basically fucking ripped off the top of my head and let the sky in.

What's sad is this is actually well written, compared to Disco Duck.
Duck oriented disco was in its heyday in the 70s. We await its return.

I don't know, Disco Duck is amateurish and horrible but it has an unforgettable hook.

The library near where we lived when I was a kid had all the horrible crap that no other libraries in the area wanted. It had this.

For some reason, my mom seemed to think that every single thing from Disney was worth bringing into our house again and again. We had a bootlegged copy of this along with every other idiot thing.
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