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Desc:Remember Tila Tequila? She's back. And she's fighting for your freedom!
Category:News & Politics, Humor
Tags:Illuminati, NWO, tila tequila, got away from her handlers
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Cockmaster Flash
Needs more plastic surgery.
If the Illuminati was responsible for her getting roughed up at that Juggalo gathering, then that means the Illuminati really needs to re-think its hiring practices.
Finally Omega Tits 9 has been activated. Commence gangstalking surveillance squad Myspace Foxtrot.
Good stuff. What happens to an attention whore when no one pays attention anymore? This, apparently.
I have a degree in sociology and was pursuing a PhD in psychology for a time. I look at things like this and Celebrity Rehab with half morbid and half professional curiosity.

I kinda feel sorry for her, she's talking about being portrayed negatively in the media and what amounts to being trolled. She's like Hollywood's whipping girl, similar to Lindsey Lohan. Now it's all a conspiracy of course. But then again, everything she did was horrible and gimmicky.
And what did she do again? I'm not being snarky here, I genuinely do not know why she was famous. Did she have an MTV show or something?

still pictures of her head look normal but then she moves and JESUS

Like a robot wearing human skin is all
Jet Bin Fever
I'm all for more psuedocelebrities losing their minds on camera for us to gawk at. Belzer, Tila, Randy Quaid...
Man. This might be the first time in recorded history that ICP managed to fuck up anyone's life and sanity moreso than their own fans.
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