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Desc:The squatter is a write-in presidential candidate who advocates affordable housing
Category:Crime, Horror
Tags:detroit, dumbasses, squatter
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Comment count is 19
"Are you afraid?"

"We're afraid of her mindset of entitlement."

That line bothers me on a lot of levels. You're talking about an abandoned house which the squatter appears to have been doing a fine job of keeping up-keeping. This is in a city that has an epidemic of vacant houses. I feel like even though the squatter is going about this in a half-assed way, her heart is in the right place.

I sympathize with both of the women, though. Why can't they just sit down and work out a compromise?
The Great Hippo
Because one of the women involved is in denial of reality.

Looks like both are. I'm not 100% fluent in law but if party A legally owns a property, and party B is living on said property, then party A has the legal right to decide whether or not party B may live on that property.

It's possible that the lease (if there is one and she isn't a squatter) is sketchy, but a court of law would have to determine that. When you are evicted, you can seek legal recourse, but the law is usually on the side of the property owner.

If party A can legally show that they legally own the property, and they want party B gone, they are allowed to evict them within reason if there is a lease violation.

Where it gets shady is if there is no clear lease violation, or there is no lease. I'm not sure how the law treats it but as long as the eviction is reasonable and is based on something like causing damage to the property or some sort of felony on the property, a verbal lease can be terminated and party B can be evicted legally, and they legally must vacate the property.

(Being a renter for a few years before I bought my house, I read up on the law and my rights as a renter.)

The Great Hippo
Fair, and in all truth, I don't know this situation well enough to make any assumptions about who's being reasonable and who isn't.

"fine job in upcoming" is an odd way of describing having someone do ,500 worth of repairs on a house you don't own, then having the contractor slap a lien on the house for nonpayment.

There's no lease involved here, the squatter in question doesn't claim she has a valid lease, only that she leased the property ages ago (and was evicted at the end of that.)

Having to go to court to get rid of a squatter isn't anything unique to Detroit, though.

There are loads of vacant homes in Detroit. There are loads of homeless people in Detroit. That makes no sense. If the squatter's action does anything to combat this monstrous systemic immorality, then more power to her.

Then she ought to be able to find another, truly vacant home! Otherwise the woman is a parasite freeloading off a private citizen's having to foot the bill for the utilities, property taxes, etc.

Agreed. I feel like there's a lot not being explained in the video. Both people's reactions to the situation seem extremely odd.

I had squatters on my property. I felt bad for them and let them stay and they too did lots of little maintenance things that made it seemingly worth it. The police arrested them after a few years for having three ingredients that could feasibly be used to cook meth.

Anyone want some free, now unsellable property?
What about people that make meth? Don't they ever buy those houses?

I got to see a meth lab in Vegas.

I was doing the helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon, and on the way back:
Pilot, "Who wants to see an abandoned goldmine?"
Everyone, "YAY!"
Pilot, "Who wants to see a meth lab?"
Just me, "Yay!"
Everyone else looks at me.
He buzzes the goldmine, "There's the mine... ah, looks like the meth lab is gone, sorry... Oh wait! They just moved it to the entrance!"

Sure enough it was there. I snapped a shaky photo, I wish it came out clearer.

Where at? I might.

Wasn't there someone that was abusing the system and getting legal owners evicted from their homes after claiming they were squatting?
cough banks cough

Rodents of Unusual Size
I swear to everything I want a sitcom made out of this, and I want it now.
The Townleybomb
It would be the next Dharma and Greg!

Three's Uninvited Company
Two And A Half Owners

As I understand it, crazy women and owner were both living there at the same time. They got evicted by the city when the boiler went out.

The owner moved out as she was told but the crazy woman came back.

At some point the crazy woman ordered repairs on the house and never paid for them so a lien was put on the house.
I don't understand any of this.

Where was Owner for a year? Does a year-long absence make the property legally abandoned?
What makes Squatter think she can just claim it after 3 months?
(I think in Missouri it takes 10 years for squatters to become owners)

Both these women are nutty.
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