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Desc:A trailer for the upcoming short I'm working on. Shameless self promotion. Hope you like it.
Category:Nature & Places, Trailers
Tags:costa rica, caving, speleology, poetv original
Submitted:Adham Nu'man
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Comment count is 11
paranex - 2012-10-24
It actually sounds really, really cool when you read the Youtube description. And I like the cinematography.
The Mothership - 2012-10-24
This looks cool. holler at us when it's finished. Caves scare the fuck out of me.
jangbones - 2012-10-24
Good luck with it

Who's cutting and posting it?
Adham Nu'man - 2012-10-24
It is being filmed and lit by me and another member of the group and edited and posted by me.

Craptabulous - 2012-10-24
Man you guys are doing this all wrong. You should just equip a diamond pickaxe and take a few blocks out around the crack, that way you don't have to squeeze in.

Seriously though, that's way more awesome than I could ever be. I'll love to see the finished product. You should also post this on Something awful, they'd love this shit.
Adham Nu'man - 2012-10-24
We actually HAD to make that hole just slightly wider (some larger members of the group couldn't pass), and as there is a 160 feet drop right on the other side of it, it was important for everyone to get through it properly tied in to their harnesses.

Jet Bin Fever - 2012-10-24
Hey cool, you found Agramond!
Jet Bin Fever - 2012-10-24
Aglarond* dyslexic mistake

Adham Nu'man - 2012-10-24
Thanks to everyone who saved this from hopper death and for the nice comments above. I'm a total amateur so they mean a lot. I should have finished this in September but the heavy rains came in early this year and it became a safety issue. I'm waiting for the weather to clear up in December to wrap this thing up. I've used the in-between time to take some courses (Fundamentals of video, editing with Final Cut etc.) so hopefully I'll do a more professional job with the rest of the footage. Some scenes I shot on our first trip could have been great but I just didn't do them justice.
This is me going through a submerged passage for the first time: http://youtu.be/3CDyemiEp_4
jangbones - 2012-10-29
seriously, if you have any questions of a longtime, extremely self important director-producer-editor (me), don't hestitate, I certainly have enough time to help right now

svraz - 2012-10-25
Good work!!!

A friend took me spellunking. I imagined walking through spacious caves admiring the stalagtites. In reality it was crawling, squeezing and climbing through small holes I could barely fit through. I almost cried. When we emerged I immediately laid down on my back and stared at the sky for several minutes.
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