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Desc:Cheer up
Category:Pets & Animals
Tags:physics, kittens, CATegory, awwwwww, newtons cradle
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mewtons cradle
force = meows * acceleration
They're right at that point where they are starting to lose their kittenish enthusiasm and curiosity, and are starting to turn into regular cats.
The should be wearing kitten sized lab coats.
Syd Midnight
It took the kittens 10 years and 30 billion euros to build

Koda Maja
30 seconds of genuine curiosity.
1 minute of trying to find a way to eat it.
tiny apex predators

Binro the Heretic
"AAAH!!! LOOK!""


"Tiny kitties are trapped inside these little balls! SEE?"

"Oh my God! We've got to get them out!"

"Maybe if I pull them like this?"

"STOP! You're making it worse!"

"Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!"

"Try biting it!"
Conservation of meowmentum.
Jane Error
What a weird room they're in.
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