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Desc:From kittens, who are doing it, grow a power cats. These leaders.
Category:Horror, Pets & Animals
Tags:cat, kitten, russia, CATegory, earmites
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Comment count is 10
Do not worry. Kitten is healthy and not eat anything bad, and do not be afraid.

On the contrary, it tries to scare the imaginary enemy and win the fight without bloodshed.

From kittens, who are doing it, grow a power cats. These leaders.

Adult cats do something similar with collective courtship and fighting for territory
White Trash Party
I want to pay this person to translate boring work emails into the way they talk.

Reminds me of the beginning from Steinermania 1.
Only God's Paw can see the demons.
The only defense is 100% bear spray.
Awww, his instinct to attack and kill everything is so cuuuuute!
So what, a kitten spazzes out? Some will do that.

Five stars.
1:17 - check out the markings above the cat's eyes: even when this cat is asleep it appears to be awake. Many many cats have this trait (if generally not so pronounced), so I'm guessing there's a survival benefit to it. The illusion of eyes isn't perfect, but if every now and again it causes a predator to hesitate for a second or two, that can make all the difference.

This is also how cats get away with sleeping in class.
The Mothership
I was just seeing the massive capital M in the middle of kitty's forehead; dunno what you're talking about.

What I am seeing are fake eyes and the "M" is part of it. The vertical lines of the "M" are pupils, the diagonals of the "M' mark the upper edges of the eyes, and there is lighter-colored fur to either side of the "pupils".

Not a perfect mimicry of eyes, but evolution doesn't trade in perfection, just in advantage.

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