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Desc:It has a face value of million Australian, and has million of gold.
Tags:gold, Australia, coin, bullion, Perth Mint
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Comment count is 18
My comment was going to be that the question shouldn't be how did it get made, but why did it get made. But then they answered that question. Spoiler alert: the reason is dumb.
makes you question the rarity and value of gold when one ton of it is used as a tourist trap. it's right up there with the worlds biggest rubber band ball!

All of the gold ever mined would fit into an Olympic swimming pool. There's probably a similar amount in economic reserves (discovered and yet-to-be discovered) underground. Cognitivedissonance's 1/120000 fraction estimate is about right.

This is pretty impressive as a marketing tool. Its not as if it can't be melted down into more tractable bullion bars should Perth Mint need liquidity. Perth was built on mining (mostly iron ore, nickel, bauxite), and there are dozens of gold mines in WA. If you got it, flaunt it.

The perfect target for a Batman villain.
Sudan no1
What a waste, that thing is ugly. Evil stars.
The amount of resources that went into this thing are substantially less than it took to build Disneyland.

Sudan no1
Well, duh. I meant it's a waste of gold. They could have made a gold statue of Mickey fucking Donald and it would be more interesting and artistic than this kangaroo coin.

It's salted with vegemite, so calm the fuck down.

At least it looks better than the horrible state quarters we have in the US.

This is 1/120,000th of all the gold mined, ever.
Couldn't you buy it for a million and then melt it down and make 52 million?
If they were smart someone should do that sooner rather than later, the current massively inflated gold price wont stay that way forever. A decade ago this same hunk of gold would have been worth barely million.

Binro the Heretic
Stars for evil and excess.

Anyway, shouldn't there be a dude fighting the kangaroo? That's how Australia chooses a king. Is that guy on the other side the one who beat the kangaroo?
I like how Australians and Canadians like to front like they're independent yet have a foreign head of state. "We're independent, but we like to put a foreign monarch on our currency"
Makes sense to me...
They value their new lives in the city, but when times are tough, it's nice to know Mom is still waiting at home, willing to send money and give relationship advice.

Jet Bin Fever
It takes a lot of work to make gold seem worthless.
I'm an A-cup wat is this?
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