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Desc:If no one else is going to post this, I will. Much love to erratic.
Category:Short Films, Science & Technology
Tags:christianity, CGI, LEGOS, blue screen, Jamie Auberg
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Comment count is 7
Just when I'm about to lose hope, something like this comes along.
These are so good.
This film has it all. ACTING!, random Christianity, an original soundtrack, sets built entirely from Legos, a fat guy with a samurai sword, bluescreen cropping issues, awkward jokes, talking dogs, high-octane battles with CGI dragons. All kidding aside, Mr Auberg has a tremendous work ethic- he's got the drive to make his creative dreams happen, despite having no talent for it whatsoever. And then, despite the fact that maybe a couple dozen people, tops, have actually bothered to watch this hour long tour de force, he's still got the heart to get out there and make about fifty more videos!

I really hope he's not going to pull this video, like he did the last one. And I really, really hope he's not pulling videos because he tracked his jump in hits back to poeTV. He's got the makings of the Internet's next Ed Wood, and it'd be a tragedy to lose him.
He has prayed
In a pup-tent
He has walked
With a stick
With a stick
And stood by some lego
but he still hasn't found what he's looking for
Very good until episode 4 when he starts singing. Then it became incredible.
Needs the ACTING! tag. It's crying out for it, even.

"Is that bad?" (shoulder shrug / gives up motion)
Someone get these guys a Kickstarter. I'll sell my car.
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