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Tags:LOL XTIANS, demons, evangelist
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None of my submissions have been embedding recently. Am I doing something wrong?
Adham Nu'man
This video has been removed as a violation of YouTube's policy against spam, scams, and commercially deceptive content.
Sorry about that.

I had a few problems with embedding the other day, too. I figured out it was that dang Youtube using "https" instead of "http" in their url. I guess poeTV isn't built to handle secured connections?

Also, I tried to submit a video without "http" at all in hopes to bypass all that, but poeTV hates that even more.

I've noticed (at least with Firefox) you have to clean up the URL in a few stages.

The link has to look like this:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=[clip ID string]

If it's got stuff like "feature=player_embedded&" in there, that has to come out. You have to edit it down to the "clean" version above, then LOAD that URL with your browser. Once it loads successfully, you can copy-paste the confirmed URL here and it should work.

On a blog I run, if you don't do that final reload, the CTRL-C often leaves the http:// off of the URL for some reason. I'm not sure why it does it, but there you go.

Have you tried making a gay tulpa out of your homosexual desires and sending it out into the world to possess other people?
I will now.

Jet Bin Fever
Demons aren't very creative.
Oops, didn't scroll down far enough to see this one. Still the worst LARP ever.
This is my favourite deleted scene from Borat.
Considering what kind of ideas these people usually have about gays, I was expecting him to be absolutely fabulous.
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