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Desc:Abused 7 year old reality star demonstrates lack of discipline and hatred of current life situation.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Crime
Tags:reality tv, Child abuse, child neglect, Honey Boo Boo, Dr. Drew
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Comment count is 16
delicatessen - 2012-10-25
A totally rational response to drew pinsky
CornOnTheCabre - 2012-10-25
I'd go so far as to say the only rational response to Dr. Drew Pinsky.

Rodents of Unusual Size - 2012-10-25
Maybe expecting riveting conversation from a 5 year old was a bad idea.


Or a really good one!
memedumpster - 2012-10-25
This is why we should not keep ham as pets.
kingarthur - 2012-10-25
Drew Pinsky, the high priest of reality tv train wrecks.
kingarthur - 2012-10-25
Not that he himself is the train wreck, he is just the one who presents the train wrecks to you, the viewer.

James Woods - 2012-10-27
Like Dr Phil, but autistic.

Hooker - 2012-10-25
That kid is going to be pretty irritable when nobody's paying attention to her any more.
CornOnTheCabre - 2012-10-26
I heard that some indie wrestling federation offered to give her pro wrestling lessons for free.

I am being 100% serious when I say that, perhaps for the first time ever, pro wrestling would probably be a step up.

Rudy - 2012-10-26
I'm pretty sure most of the people on the towing reality shows on TruTV are out-of-work wrestlers.

takewithfood - 2012-10-25
Do you guys remember that Simpson Hallowe'en episode where Bart is learning magic at school and he screws up a spell, turning a frog into a horrible monster that vomits constantly and begs to be killed? Well she reminds me of that.
Hailey2006 - 2012-10-25
Actually I acted the same way at the first job interview!
Myrmidon - 2012-10-26
http://www.theonion.com/articles/you-do-of-course-realize-that-thi s-is-going-to-end,29734/
chairsforcheap - 2012-10-26
they covered the bases and then some... incredible piece

exy - 2012-10-26
Each and every one of these stars was carefully selected for the description.
cognitivedissonance - 2012-10-26
To be fair, this girl has more opportunities with the reality show than she'd have had without it. Having the mistakes of her forebears displayed publicly in what is essentially a national shaming will eventually end the cycle. Yeah, she'll get an eating/personality disorder, but whatever gets the job done.
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