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Desc:A chinese poem relating the adventures of a lion-addicted poet named Shi who lives in a stone den
Tags:chinese, poetry, mandarin, it rhymes
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Triggerbaby - 2012-10-25

In a stone den was a poet called Shi, who was a lion addict, and had resolved to eat ten lions.
He often went to the market to look for lions.
At ten o'clock, ten lions had just arrived at the market.
At that time, Shi had just arrived at the market.
He saw those ten lions, and using his trusty arrows, caused the ten lions to die.
He brought the corpses of the ten lions to the stone den.
The stone den was damp. He asked his servants to wipe it.
After the stone den was wiped, he tried to eat those ten lions.
When he ate, he realized that these ten lions were in fact ten stone lion corpses.
Try to explain this matter.
Snakeweapon - 2012-10-25
Homophonics yo! Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo.
Jet Bin Fever - 2012-10-25
This is why I will never be good at Chinese.
Granted, there are a ton of these in Japanese too, like "Uraniwa niwa niwa niwa niwa niwa niwatori ga iru," which is "In the garden there are two chickens". At least the damned thing isn't tonal though.
Koda Maja - 2012-10-26
poorwill - 2012-10-26
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