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Desc:The first commercial video game with filled-in polygons. Fun and interesting gameplay too.
Category:Video Games, Science & Technology
Tags:Atari, arcade, I Robot, polygons
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I, Yobot? Oh, thanks, helper 'bot.
I remember first playing this at an arcade as a kid and it blew my mind. This was pretty huge for the time in terms of graphics.
If you had told me this was a new indie game I'd have wanted to play it, this looks fun as hell. The fact it's from the 80's makes me question how far into the mud the bar got buried in video games.
il fiore bel
From what I heard, this game didn't do too well when it first came out. Maybe it was just too far ahead of its time.

It was really hard...the person playing this for this video is undoubtedly using superior controls (keyboard mouse or something) because the arcade used a trak-ball which basically made it very hard to move with a lot of accuracy.

The game seems pretty true to the book.
Koda Maja
Much better adaptation than the Will Smith movie.

il fiore bel
Daaammnn I miss the days it really was only one coin per play.
I still think arcades would be nearly as dead as they are if they had kept it at one quarter. I see so many arcades with a buck a credit and NO ONE ever plays them.

Dear arcades owners, you are not losing money by lowering the price if no one was playing it before. It's like not a single owner has heard of a price consumption curve.

WOULDN'T be nearly as dead

A friend of mine who used to work for an arcade chain said a lot of the games are practically consoles mounted in cabinets anyway, so why toss money into something you could just buy and play at home for as long as you wanted?

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