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Desc:Uncle Hank's a Satanist, Bobby.
Category:Cartoons & Animation
Tags:king of the hill, skeleton frolic, youtube poop, boggle, DurhamrockerZ
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Rodents of Unusual Size
I normally hate these but the last part deserves 5 stars.
I love this guy. I hate that that this is considered a part of that youtube poop scene.
That's like saying 'I hate cars. This car is so great, I wish it was a canoe'. I think you might secretly like cars bro

There's a whole new scene now that's way beyond the whole "random edits and effects" shit that typified YTPs for so long. I mean, it sounds silly and something I never thought would say, but a lot of this newer breed of YTP is pretty entertaining.

Well, there's always been stupid youtube poops, and there's always been clever ones.

I think this is a personal bugbear for me because in my field, it's always irksome when the mainstream press reviews a comic book by saying 'this is too good to be called a comic book'. I mean, it IS a comic book. Why not adjust your personal definition of the word to fit reality, rather than adjust reality to fit your personal definition of the word?

The last part deserves 50 stars.
Does this need a "skeleton frolic" tag? I just don't know.
Oh man. This is so good
*bong hit*

I don't even get high anymore!

I guess I'm just permanently that dumb now

Innocent Bystander
UGK 4 life.
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