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Desc:Not creepy at all
Category:Fashion, Horror
Tags:nerds, creepy, stalker, renfaire, smooth jazz
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Jet Bin Fever
Yes, this is the quality of female you will see at ren faires.
I think it's pretty tongue in cheek. It's nerdy but I think he's aware of why its funny.

It's definitely self aware and tongue in cheek but that doesn't change the fact that he did it.

The Mothership
He probably wants to cook and eat them.
set to music, of course
Five for the rampant historical inaccuracies of most 'ren faires'.
Why is everything a fucking travesty with you, Walter?

Look, witches, fairies, wizards, knights, kings, emperors, blacksmiths, steampunk robots, princesses, cyber-goth people, leather workers, ghosts of people who died on the Titanic, and bards ALL existed during the Renaissance, OK?

Most witches in medieval times WERE corseted polyamorous BBW Dianic wiccans with sleeve tattoos and an interest in light bondage-play who spent most of their time totally defying the Church, OK?

The Mothership
BHWW is actually correct here. Most women accused of witchcraft were those who knew a thing or two about natural medicine and who were also on the fringes of society on account of their sexual habits.

Girls of ren fair!

All six of them!
They all look like perfectly good quality people to me, doing their awkward best to have a fun social thing. If you're looking for a hobby and like to dress up, Ren Faire seems a great option.
Except for the person holding the camera... Creepy!

Caminante Nocturno
Ren Faires are the kind of things you go to if you want to waste money without the hassle of actually enjoying yourself.

Fuck you, turkey legs and jugs of mead are totally worth 34 food tickets!

Yeah, this is about the person who made the video.

And I think you mean DRAGON LEGS, Fabio.

“Please sir, sample my wares.”
“Sample my fist, you community theater reject!”

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