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Desc:The true moral of Halloween.
Category:Classic Movies, Horror
Tags:Sid and Marty Krofft, witchcraft, Mama Cass
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Comment count is 6
Blue - 2012-10-31
Why is the rat dressed like a nazi? Was that really okay back then?
cognitivedissonance - 2012-11-01
The rat is actually a crossover character from "The Bugaloos". Getting baked and watching Sid and Marty Krofft is my latest decadence.

HarrietTubmanPI - 2012-10-31
This was in 1970 - 42 years ago. The children who grew up with this are likely in their mid 50s.

Still, Cass had talent. It's a pity she died at 32.
Binro the Heretic - 2012-11-01
So, wait, being different is easier when you find a lot of people who are the same as you? What?
poorwill - 2015-04-30

poorwill - 2012-11-01
Something I had completely buried in my memories that apparently I know off by heart. Awesome.
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