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Desc:Amazing revelations.
Category:Short Films, Humor
Tags:Ducks, chickens, The Onion, Onion Talks
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Comment count is 17
I gotta say that this guy does an amazing job at mocking TED talkers' mannerisms. The hand wave at 0:35 slays me.
C'mon. Amazing? You couldn't possibly have imagined someone doing this? You were amazed by this performance? It's pretty hammy!

I can imagine plenty of people doing it poorly, I guess. I didn't see it as especially hammy - I think you could overlay the text from a real pretentious TED talk and the performance would still fit. It's easy to overplay stuff like this.

That guy
I'm with Millard. Just enough ham for me, not too much.
He's also good at the "I'm thinking of this right now [even though I've been practicing this speech for weeks]" type of schtick.

For me it was the praying/pondering/smell fingers/hands together move at around 1:22.

The audience cutaways are really good, too.

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Love the reaction shots.
The last line is perfect.
This will never get old. Never.
It's about time.
but what does the rhino say? WHAT DOES THE FUCKING RHINO SAY! TELL ME THAT FUNNY MAN!!11
the onion turning into southpark now?
They make fun of everyone. One star!

the onion turning into southpark now?

Really? This is basically a perfect representation of an onion article in video format. I'm sorry if i dissed you off when your ass hole aids was actig up , solro. I lruv u prs be my boyfriend ;)

They still haven't really topped the actual TED talk where the guy shows the audience how to tie your shoes.
TED talks are the safety valve that keep the 1% from having to face the reality of what they really are.
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