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Desc:Radical 80s MTV segment about awesome slang words dude!
Category:Educational, Fashion
Tags:MTV, 80s, zappa, rad, Run DMC
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Comment count is 16
Jet Bin Fever
MTV used to be so watchable.

And, "scroaned"? really?
What terrifies me is how much of this was everyday language by the time I was growing up in the 90s. It also makes me realize how many of these I still use without even knowing it.
Same here. The way he tries to carefully ease us into accepting the word "awesome" was real scroaned.

The Mothership
Valley Girl is one of the best songs ever written. FACT.
I bet your iPod sucks

Yeah, I really love Zappa but that song is not very good.

Basically Moon guilt-tripped her Dad into recording it.

That makes me like it more.

The Mothership
one of the best songs ever written by Moon Zappa?

Dread Pirate Roberts
All of this is either common language today, or is common novelty language. I hear people all the time tell someone to 'be chill'. Hell, I've heard people say something was 'dope' as recent as a few years ago.

Scroaned... that one died a horrible death thankfully.
I wonder if 'scroaned' morphed into 'owned?' About the same meaning, so... maybe!

I hear people say "dope" at least a few times a week.

I say "awesome" all the time.

Yeah, everyone says Awesome don't they? Even my mother has been saying "Awesome" since the 90s.

Hay Belly
They mention Moon Unit and feature Run DMC and the best talent was cited as "people around the country." hahahaha
Boy, this was hip television in the 80s?
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