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Category:Pets & Animals, Educational
Tags:kitten, jew, Licking, adorable ethnic stereotyping
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Comment count is 9
Old_Zircon - 2012-11-02
You accidentally put a comma in the middle of the "Jew licking" tag.
Triggerbaby - 2012-11-02
That must be one delicious nose.
fedex - 2012-11-02
he smeared it with gefilte fish first

memedumpster - 2012-11-02
Moses reconsidered leaving Egypt for the sixteenth time due to the silvered tongue of slave master Meowhotep.
dairyqueenlatifah - 2012-11-02
Jewish dudes seem to be either really sexy or really ugly.
Toenails - 2012-11-02


dairyqueenlatifah - 2012-11-02
Yeah, but so is saying Asians are good at math and black people can run fast.

BHWW - 2012-11-02
Are we sure this guy is Jewish, he doesn't appear to be maniuplating the world's gold market or controlling Hollywood or anything...
chairsforcheap - 2012-11-02
dude... didn't the egyptians worship cats? The Pharaoh? The nose missing from the Sphinx? Am i missing how you're missing the Illuminati messages here?

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