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Desc:'He never dropped his juice.'
Category:Accidents & Explosions
Tags:Rap, fights, juice, black people, Punch Black Faces
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the stuff redneck vigilante fantasies are made of.
my favorite part? the sound effects used for the punches.
Reality TV foley is one of my dream jobs.

Hay Belly
Cameramen for Cheaters get to see a lot of tit.

rewatch this, envisioning the rappers as Obama and Romney
Binro the Heretic
What a chickenshit asshole.

The sucker-punching and attacking from behind may get him a few temporary triumphs, but it's the sort of thing that leads victims or their friends or family members to track him down later and lay into him with a baseball bat.

The lily whiteness of the narration is priceless.
I would've preferred the soft british nature video narration, myself.

American Standard
Mandatory "Suckerpunches are for shitbags" disclaimer.

Sorry your game is so weak you have to use your fists, punk.
he was trying for a kill shot the whole time and it took him 4 shots, and even when he hit his jaw it was luck. What an asshole. New Haven is full of fucking dickheads regardless of race.

Perfectly timed "daayum"s and "oh hell no"s
5 just for the narration.

"This young ne'er do well was about to do this fellow A SOLID when, instead, he decided to DO THE NASTY and punch him right in the GOB as they say on the STREETS."
Couldn't knock him out with suckerpunches or kicks to the head. Had to suckerclothesline him.
he was going for the jaw knockout thing the whole time and i think he basically finally grazed him enough in the jar with that retarded hook to knock him cold

Brought to you from the hometown of George W. Bush and Yale University!
new haven is a severely fucked up city

New Haven and so many other communities around there are post-industrial ghettos. I remember Holyoke was a shithole too.

The Mothership
World Star.
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