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Desc:pajamasmedia dbags laugh at bad jokes WARNING: VIDEO MIGHT BE TOO WHITE TO WATCH
Category:Accidents & Explosions
Tags:white people, Mitt Romney, pajamasmedia, humor none
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Comment count is 18
This makes me really uncomfortable. I have rarely seen people so far up someone's ass as this.
That three-second pause at 1:35 is goddamn priceless.
Ow. Seriously, ow.

And they chose the title for this clip, too. How does one become that clueless without living in a shack on a mountainside or on a desert island?
John Holmes Motherfucker
Oh shit. THESE faggots again? Think I'll pass.

Didn't watch it, but I know it's worth five stars.
John Holmes Motherfucker
I apologize for calling them faggots, because it occurs to me that at least one or two of these cocksuckers is probably actually gay.

Oops! Did it again!

You could just insult them without using a homophobic slur...

For example, calling them herpese-riddled cocksucking gimps gets the same general message across without insulting most gay people.

Mr. Purple Cat Esq.
lol! But now your offending herpese-riddled cocksucking gimps

John Holmes Motherfucker
Yes, and why would I want to pick on people just for having a disease?

you know what I mean, just insult them in a way that doesnt make you sound like an 8 year old halo homophobe.

Architeuthis Tux

It's possible to get inventive with the colorful pejoratives without invoking often fun activities like cocksucking.

For instance:

Constipated hagfish!
Non-ambulatory slime mold!
Shit-fracking refinery lackey!
Knuckle fucking cum bubble!
Herniated circus cop!
Quim defiling parasitic twin on a rancid baboon's extra testicle!
Perineal raphe unzipping dick skinner!
President of the Eleanor Roosevelt memorial Hairy Nipple shaving and fixie bicycle maintenance club.
Cunt-flensing clit-biter!

Mix and match for more fun!

This has to be the most stupid and immature commentary I've ever sat through.
"It is not easy to do that sort of [comedic] delivery-thing."

Right-wingers in a nutshell.
I had to watch about three minutes before I realized that it wasn't satire.
Same here. It's kind of like a Poe, without the fundie insanity.

Jesus, I can't sit through this. And considering some of the videos I *have* been through around here, that's saying a lot.
John Holmes Motherfucker
This is the kind of thing you would see at the beginning of a DEVO video.

Mitt suddenly got a lot funnier .
These guys are so much funner to watch now that Romney LOST HARD!!!
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