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Desc:Evil. Just...Evil.
Category:News & Politics, Horror
Tags:Evil, No Seriously This Is Just Evil
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Comment count is 13
Five for evil.
The Mothership
This is genuinely horrible.
Legal strategy.
WTF, Russia... oh.
How is it possible for a child in your care to be negligent?
Man, I know School Districts are usually some of the worst bureaucracies in America, but... man. Fuck these guys.
It's somehow creepier that one of the rapists looks like the dad on every 80's sitcom ever.
Yet it somehow seems fundamentally right that he does.

And the other one looks like the "fun" aunt.

Its like getting raped by Full House.

Binro the Heretic
How the fuck does a human being DO that?

How do you sit down and put in writing that a child is to blame for her own sexual assault?
Every now and then a story comes along that exemplifies evil better than any fiction writer could possibly hope to.

You can't make shit this vile up.

Cockmaster Flash
Now I know what "bitch was asking for it" is in legalese.
It sounds like the law firm accidentally inserted a generic legal statement into their letter. Something you would expect to read in a fall injury claim.
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