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Desc:Bronies bought airtime to show a commercial about how much they love MLP
Category:Classic TV Clips
Tags:my little pony, mlp
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Auto 5 for my alma mater.
Auto 0 for bronies.
They end it by saying "donate MLP toys this holiday season!"

Couldn't they have just... you know... spent the money on donating toys themselves? Instead of airing this? The creators know full well that bronies exist, so why go to all this effort to remind them? What the hell is the point?
Yeah, why don't the people at Axe Body Spray just buy their own product instead of advertising it?

Probably because more people see the commercial than make the commercial. Seriously, though, you are fucking dumb. It's not like bronies invented fundraising. It's not like fundraising hasn't already proven itself to be effective.

It's also kind of dumb to pretend to not understand why even though the general public is aware of bronies, actual fucking bronies might want to be a part of that narrative by doing a commercial supporting a charity.

Jesus, calm the fuck down.

Hay Belly
I don't think there are any actual fucking bronies.

They exist! I've seen them! Why won't anybody believe me!

There's thousands of them, I tell you! They're mostly college age men that watch a children's TV show.

You have to believe me!

Blue, that's a stupid analogy and you know it. This isn't some corporate juggernaut trying to market it's own products to young people. It's a pack of bronies spending their hard earned (?) tugboats fellating their creatrix. And something about toys, or was it a scholarship, who knows.

The only people who will care about this advertisement are other bronies. The only message they will get from it is "MLP is awesome! Bronies exist!" And even if it HAD a convincing fundraising message, good luck getting bronies to part with their Wawity dolls. You see what bronies do when you give them money. Blow it on self-glorifying fan wank.

They could have bought toys for a hundred children, and instead, they make a blooper reel.

Ugh, spend their money on toys...for CHILDREN? Ugh, the same vapid children who probably don't get all of the deep messages in MLP:FiM? Again, ugh.

Many bronies consider themselves to be the show's 'true' demographic after all because the kids, especially the little girls 'don't get it' or some such nonsense.

If the commercial was devoted to, say, a big charity project bronies were running in December, I'd be all for it. In that case, it could have easily brought in more money than it spent.

But the message of this commercial was simply "hi! We're bronies! We just wanted to remind you that we exist and we like My Little Pony!!" The mention of any charity was tagged on as an afterthought. The donation thing wasn't even for a particular brony fundraiser. It was just "oh and uhh, donate toys or something! Sure why not!" at the end. You know that one annoying nerd friend who butts into every conversation just so he can shoehorn his favorite geek references into the discussion? This is a much more extreme version of that.

Seriously, I'm glad a cartoon for girls has gotten a wider fanbase and a lot of nice recognition. I'm glad the show is on the air. But stuff like this is ridiculous.

Credits for the thank you lasts longer than the thank you. Oh and then thinking this was so huge it deserved a blooper reel during extensively slow credits.
Even when they're working for charity they're still awful.

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