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Desc:One word: Satan.
Category:Educational, News & Politics
Tags:republicans, christians, obama, lol xians, election 2012
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Comment count is 14
I did see some hipster throw up the devil horns in the crowd during Obama's speech last night.
John Holmes Motherfucker
The Holy Spirit told me to disable comments.
*cookoo clock noise*
Every freakin' election, especially when a Democrat gets elected, but still, there's always someone just like this.

Besides, if Obama is the Antichrist, he would have had a LOT easier time of it with Congress.
Also, if he's the antichrist, why bother to run for reelection? That looked like an annoying, exhausting hassle. Shouldn't he have just triggered the apocalypse during his first term?

Ugh, fanboys and their canon discussions.
Dumb Shit Christians chapter Dumb Shit verse Dumb Shit : Dumb Shit.

I love the Dumbshit Bible, it's the best translation ever.
Old People
By "the best", I trust you mean "every".

It's good he allowed himself some wiggle room with that 99.5% figure. Just imagine how embarrassing it would be if some other guy turned out to be the Anti-Christ if he didn't!
Sanest Man Alive
Thirteen minutes just to say one word? Either this guy's a former senator, or he's aiming for a world record.

Incidentally, how many Antichrists are we up to now?
The God of Biscuits
99.5%? This man is the next Nate Silver.
Jet Bin Fever
Obama only has 9 horns... DUH.
The anti-christ was suppose to come out like 50 years ago or something like that, what's taking so long?
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