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Desc:Posted for misogynist Carlin fans (like TFL Bill).
Category:Humor, Educational
Tags:Cars, guns, george carlin, men, man shit
Submitted:Sudan no1
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Comment count is 9
Jet Bin Fever - 2012-11-09
I miss George so much. This is one of the best. Which book is it from by the way?
StanleyPain - 2012-11-09
When Will Jesus Bring the Pork Chops, but I think he was performing this as a bit some time before that.

Old_Zircon - 2012-11-09
I saw him once, a few months before Brain Droppings hit shelves. He assured the audience that unlike most books by comedians, this one was all new material that was written specifically for the book and wasn't taken from his live act. Then he went on to spend a couple of hours performing what turned out to be about 75% of the material from the book.

but he was George Carlin so it didn't matter.

memedumpster - 2012-11-09
I was just talking the other day with a friend about vagina envy as a driving force of conservative males.
Xenocide - 2012-11-09
I once knew an older fellow who used to adore Carlin and quote him often, but then he heard this bit and from then on referred to him as a faggot and a sellout.

Haven't heard from him in years, but the last I knew he was pretty big into the Tea Party.
Old_Zircon - 2012-11-09
I can't find any evidence that he was into them (or anyone on the right) but some of them were pretty into him. Presumably they hadn't heard the things he had to say about Reagan and Pro Life and most of the other sacred cows of the Tea Party.

I could see him having been some variety of libertarian though. That's where a lot of the people who were too smart to be hippies but too antiestablishment to not be hippies ended up. Zappa ran as a libertarian. I forgive him though.

Old_Zircon - 2012-11-09
Actually no, digging deeper I'm not even seeing much evidene that the tea Party were into Carlin.

Oscar Wildcat - 2012-11-09
Well, if you believe in this crazy commie theory of evolutionary biology, you might be inclined to say all this asshole behavior has some important benefits w/ respect to reproduction. If it didn't, then why aren't they all dead?
Ursa_minor - 2012-11-09
It's a fun, cynical joke, but yeah - evolutionarily, it's a fucked apart argument.

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