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Desc:Zip him back up - he sucks.
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Educational
Tags:Beavis and Butthead, 90s, sucks, tubes, tripping daisy
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Comment count is 23
It sucks so good, compared to the state of music now. Mumford and Sons sucks so bad.
The Mothership
yea, what is it with this new style of wishy-washy sissy-mumbly quasi-folk shit?

It's a bunch of kids doing really boring versions of my favorite bands of the early 70s.

But this is worse.

Modern ripoff of better music by hipsters music actually makes me miss the absolute crushing idiocy of twenty years of mainstream hardcore.

Mainstream hardcore is pretty bad. It's better than pop-punk but it's pretty bad.

Everything's better than pop-punk.

I mean, like, as bad as mainstream hardcore is Gang Green is also one of the funniest bands of the 90s even though they didn't mean to be.

Wha... oh, I see what you did there.

Mainstream hardcore to Old Zircon = http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cz3GmHferlQ

I'd say that's only a small step shy of the Dropkick Murphys' level of mainstreamness, at least to someone who came of age in Massachusetts in the 90s.

I guess I can see how it would seem less mainstream without the context of all the upper middle class fratboys who were the main audience for this stuff by the time I was aware of it.

Certainly compared to something like Sewer Zombies.


I come from a Clear Channel dictatorship state, these nuances in music that you take for granted do not exist for me.

Almost forgot about this song. Crap.
I'm lucky enough to have given up on MTV altogether by the time this came out. I'd literally never heard it before today.

Next stop: The Polyphonic Spree.
Tim DeLaughter always did have the look of a cult leader, didn't he?

I hate Polyphonic Spree. They look and sound like a nut house choir.

Jet Bin Fever
I found a VHS tape of a 120minutes show I recorded back in about 94-95. Watching it I found that there were so many bands that I hated that now seem so much better by comparison. Tripping Daisy though, nope.
why bother? VH-1 Classic plays old 120 Minutes shows almost every day

I went to highschool in a small town in Nebraska, ~20,000 people. The *only* concert that ever came to our town was Tripping Daisy. I remember there were about 40 people who showed up. The next year, Weird Al came to the county fair a few counties over. There were THOUSANDS more.

Cool story, huh?
Sounds like good people.

Seven Arts/H8 Red
I prefer the Stone Temple Pilots ripoff of this song.

I hate myself for admitting that.
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