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Desc:Mad Magazine-style Batman parody
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Humor
Tags:batman, Mad Magazine, batboy and rubin
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Needs furshlugginer hob nail boots for stomping.
This is awful. And not good awful either. Just plain standard awful.
MAD got so unbelievably awful after Time Warner got their hands on it.

I used to pick up an issue every now and then solely for Sergio Aragones' cartoons, but they cost like now WITH advertisements. What the fuck?
B. Weed
Mind you, this is old, OLD MAD. Back when it was still a comic book-- 1953.

Some of the worst voice casting ever. Too bad, the look of the cartoon is kinda neat.
B. Weed
Seems to have been deliberate goony voice acting. Bat Boy's voiced by Frank Welker.

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