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Desc:If Smash Brothers was a sidescroller it would be this.
Category:Video Games
Tags:Whale, monkey, 90s, underrated, mode 7
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Comment count is 18
One of those concepts that was to forward thinking for its own good. Totally flew under everyone's radar at the time.
This zooming in and out thing is nauseating.
Jet Bin Fever
yeah. It's a shame too, because this game looks amazing otherwise.

I got to play this once and I don't remember it being nearly as distracting as it looks.

Jim Quin
I played the absolute fuck out of this through MAME, and once utterly murdered the large black guy with metal fists by throwing a bowl of piping-hot soup in his face as the final hit of the round.
I am a bit baffled as to why people liken this to Smash Bros. It's a shooter like Metal Slug or Elevator Action Returns or whatever. Is it the zooming?
It's that you select one of 8 or so characters and then fight against the remaining characters one after the other in a series of arena battles, I think. I don't know, I played it once in the arcade and maybe once in Mame.

It's the same concept as most arena fighters/smash bros. clones. You're battling the opponent and a platform based arena at the same time, while the camera perspective is not inclusive to just one player. The difference being that, yeah, this is more based around side-scrolling shooters than fighters/beat-em-ups.

Beard itching.

What's particularly interesting about this is that it came out five years before the original Super Smash Brothers.

And over a decade after Joust!

True, but Joust didn't have characters. In retrospect this seems like an important step in that genre's evolution.

Joust! totally had characters. You could choose to ride an ostrich - or a crane.

In technical jargon, a neato game.
What is with the "mode 7" tag?
This is an arcade game, AFAIK mode 7 was specific to the SNES.
I think so too, but it seemed like a good shorthand for "gratutious overuse of realtime bitmap scaling"

They said it was a mistake to make a video game out of "Hugo".

And it probably was.
Prickly Pete
If Smash Brothers was a sidescroller it would be the Adventure mode from Smash Brothers.
Sanest Man Alive
Bernard White is slow but strong. Eve is fast but weak. Betty Doe is average. Nobody picks Dweeb.
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