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Desc:This movie looks incredible.
Category:Horror, Arts
Tags:death, horror, bed, death bed
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warning naked boobie

needs more pudding
Best movie of all time.
Look, I know the Patton Oswalt bit is really good, but I watch a lot of bad movies. A LOT. Death Bed is nearly impossible to enjoy.

Patton Oswald did a bit about this?

I love this movie, it's like a fever dream.

Cockmaster Flash
Why is the bed filled with piss?
It's the bed from the Michael Landon movie.

Jet Bin Fever
My friend found "Deathbed" on VHS and we were really excited. Then we found out it was a film from 2002 that is also called Deathbed, but which is totally unrelated to this one. :(
Cherish that friend.

Have they filmed Rape Stove yet?
Binro the Heretic
I seem to remember some show or movie about a bed that ate people, but more recently made and with better production values.

The gist of the story was this guy found a supernatural creature inside a bed frame in an abandoned house and would feed women to it as sacrifices. In return, the thing beamed ideas into his head and made him a bestselling author. He would seduce them and when the women lay on the bed, tentacles would come from under the covers and drag them into a ragged-looking mouth.

It ended when the guy paid his latest potential victim a visit at her house, trying to lure her over to his so he could feed her to the bed. When she asked him to get her coat from the closet, he opened the door and was dragged in by a bunch of tentacles.

Anyone else see this one?
Aubrey McFate
Death Bed doesn't really have a plot or action, per se. Basically some rube sucked into a magic picture frame or something watches and narrates over the bed "eating" people just like this. Then he breaks in with some backstory about how a demon wanted to fuck a lady or something and that's why the demon is an eating bed. Then the bed gets defeated in a way that I forget now and it ends.

It's both fascinatingly shitty and really boring all at once. See it today!
That rube is Aubrey Beardsley.

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