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Desc:An incredibly shifty Chuck Connors terrorizes a trio of oblivious women. All this and less.
Category:Classic Movies, Humor
Tags:rifftrax, Chuck Connors, Realdoll Museum
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Comment count is 10
I laughed like an idiot at the last shot.
B. Weed
The House of Wax remake (the Paris Hilton one) is actually a remake of this film.
I must be fucking broken but I don't think I've ever found a Rifftrax amusing. I know they went from like nine writers on MST3K to two or three on Rifftrax, but does that really explain it? I'm definitely a Mike guy when it comes to MST3K, so I'd love to love this stuff, but it all falls flat to me.

Three stars for entertainers that I love; I just wish they still entertained me.
I find them amusing, but not anything close to MST3k.

I really think it's the lack of visual feedback, the puppets go a long way IMO.

What I like about them is you can choose the audio track. Sometimes their commentary is funny. I really watch it late at night when I am feeling sad and feel like being 15 again.

Happy Thanksgiving!


One day I'll actually pay for something they made.

I think it helps they've been doing more low-rent cheeseball movies like this instead of Hollywood product, at least it helps me.

Innocent Bystander
Yeah. RiffTrax doesn't have the charm of MST3k when they do big Hollywood blockbusters. They just don't lend themselves well to that kind of mockery.

I agree that RiffTrax doesn't live up to MST3K, but it's still pretty funny to me. I found the RiffTrax of "Battlefield Earth" and "Transformers" to be fucking hilarious, so check those out if you haven't.

Also, from this clip: "Michael Myers as Katie Holmes in a one-woman tribute to Abraham Lincoln" come on, that gave me a hearty guffaw.

I liked this.
Rodents of Unusual Size
CHUCK CONNORS is right up there with DIRK MEATSLAB in the name association of actors in my mind
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