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Desc:I don't need to tell you this isn't safe for work, do I?
Category:Classic Movies, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:80s, Exploitation, Frankenhooker, whole movie
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Comment count is 11
I haven't seen this film in years; always loved the tagline: "A Terrifying Tale Of Sluts And Bolts!"
My friend once found at a Blockbuster "Cannibal Hookers".
The tagline was, "They charge an arm and a leg!"

I was just thinking about this movie yesterday! If this trend continues, you'll be posting Closet Land tomorrow and I'll still have one more wish! So I guess world peace on the 25th.
Enjoy it while it lasts!

Hahaha thanks that was fun.
The only reason I remember this movie from my childhood is because the rental store VHS box had a button on it that, when pressed, exclaimed "WANT A DATE!?" in a terrible robot voice New Jersey accent.
B. Weed
John Zacherle is in this. I had a terrifying realization of the depth of my geekiness when I recognized him-- even though I had never seen his show. I'd only seen photos of him and heard "Dinner With Drac" on Dr. Demento.
I never realized that, I haven't seen this since long before I new who he was. So awesome.

So awesome I accidentally rated my own video.

B. Weed
Heh. (For the record, he's the weatherman. It's just a cameo but it's easy to recognize the voice)

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