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Desc:A truly classic animated holiday special from Nelvana.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Cartoons & Animation
Tags:1970s, Nelvana, True Meaning of Christmas
Submitted:Binro the Heretic
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TheSupafly - 2012-11-24
I found this on a big mix VHS of a bunch of christmas specials, and have always loved it. Was delighted to learn it was directed by same guy who did Chicken Soup with Rice.
Rodents of Unusual Size - 2012-11-24
I've never heard of this. Part 1 was pretty surreal so here's your stars. None from Jesus. All for the character design of the aliens and the honestly nightmarish side characters.
memedumpster - 2012-11-24
A Bill Plympton Christmas?
fedex - 2012-11-24
love the three wise men character design
Binro the Heretic - 2012-11-24
Stupid multi-part submission. It takes the URLs, but always sends you back to the link for the first part.

Anyway, part 2:


And part 3:


This came out right after "Star Wars" (and it will ALWAYS be "Star Wars" to me, none of this "Episode IV: A New Hope" bullshit) when everyone was jazzed about space and science fiction. It seems a little goofy in this day and age, but combining aliens, robots and Christmas was the best thing ever when I was seven years old.

What really blew my mind as a kid, though, was the ending. Almost every cartoon presented antagonists as purely malicious and hateful with no reason behind their actions other than to cause problems for the heroes. In the end, they were always defeated and slunk away only to return later with another sinister plan.

Here, however, the villain was revealed to be just some poor kid who acted out because he was mistreated & neglected and stole something to eat because he was hungry. Instead of being banished for his misdeeds, he was treated with understanding and charity. It was one of the first times in my young life that pure black & white morality began to develop into shades of gray.

I don't know if they still show this in Canada, but it's been decades since I last saw it air here in the US, which is a damned shame.
Boomer The Dog - 2013-10-25
Good review, I like to hear what people think about a subject they're passionate about.

I remember those space-crazed times too, when Star Wars characters were on the covers of magazines like Dynamite! and everywhere else, fans couldn't get enough.


Kabbage - 2012-11-29
This was pretty nice!
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