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Desc:Everything I've always wanted to be.
Category:Stunts, Religious
Tags:guitar, muscles, death metal, through the eyes of the dead
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Comment count is 14
Motocross hair?
He probably does motocross too. He is everything Mongo wants to be.

I'll counter with fat black guy playing Deicide.

These two would be a good team

The power on display here is awe-inspiring.
It takes a real man to admit they want a goatee that will massage the asshole of anyone they go down on.
Rodents of Unusual Size
Experience tells me this is true.

Dinkin Flicka
That's a nice tone he's got
I have a feeling Muscle Week is going to take us to wonderful places.
The faces he makes.

(boy, I can't WAIT to give my downstairs neighbor a PIECE OF MY MIND for playing his so-called music so loudly. Never met him, but he'll never forget meeting ME!)
please take these

The uploader's video description is gold in and of itself:

"hahahaha this video has become quite the hater magnet, and why shouldn't it? This guy's such a fucking faggot!!! Anybody can pick up a guitar and play this kind of music on their first try; no talent whatsoever. Btw, nice guitar queer!!! What's that, a Randy Rhoads flying V? God, how gay and stupid!!! Nice veins going across your muscles homo. What's that? You spent over 12 years dedicating yourself to being a drug-free bodybuilder, eating how a bodybuilder is supposed to eat, and not drinking alcohol/eating fast food like everyone else does? That's so fucking stupid, god you're such a fag!!!! Your hobbies are so retarded, why don't you just kill yourself. I don't know anything about you, but I hate you so much. You're really dumb looking too. And tank tops are for skinny fat guys you fucking dumbass cunt!!!"
"skinny fat guys"

Wait, what?

Jet Bin Fever
Pure distortion.
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