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Desc:Bobby Heenan and Vince McMahon narrate the FUTURE OF BODYBUILDING
Category:Arts, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:Robot, bodybuilding, 1992, vince mcmahon, WBF
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Comment count is 17
With the 90+ million wasted on Linda's campaign Vince could have brought back the WBF.

Vince's tendency to try and branch out to "respectable" businesses only to get humiliated publicly and be forced to slink back to the pro wrestling ghetto never gets old.

Horrifying bodybuilding week?
The Mothership
this isn't all that terrifying; this is pretty tame compared to some of the real freaks.

Yellow Lantern
Excellent. Is the Gary Strydom segment already on here? That is the best one.
The Mothership
it is, follow the WBF link.

Rodents of Unusual Size
The best part of this is the announcer trying to suppress his obvious sexual attraction.

He's such a great...uh he's great in the gym! (sweat)
There have long been rumors about McMahon having a thing for big muscly guys. The UBF and how most of the wrestlers who would get a big push were moreso body builders than wrestlers played in forming the rumors.

You know, if those are rumors are true, just above every reason why I like the WWE as a gay man now make sense. Yeah. I'll blame it on this. Yeah.

I would think that if you were gay, the WWE would be like free softcore porn.

Memedumpster, we need you to weigh in on this.

As a gay, it is.

He moves like one of the rejected cyborgs from Robocop 2.
No idea why this didn't catch on.
Jim Quin
Going to steal audio samples from this clip to hack into a Smackdown vs. Raw game.
Seven Arts/H8 Red
Jet Bin Fever
Arg, I was trying to eat while watching this. It just made me so sick to the stomach.
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