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Category:Nature & Places, Pets & Animals
Tags:Shark, fishing, fish, Goliath, grouper
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Comment count is 12
That is a Goliath Grouper, but it's a tiny one. They used to swarm the waters around Florida and the Keys but they have been so overfished by recreational fishermen that you rarely see them in their majesty. They can grow to be 400 lbs.
Jet Bin Fever
400 POUNDS?! You're going to need a bigger boat.

They're supposedly making a comeback after large penalties were put on poaching them, and I believe just lifting them out of the water is illegal (so that guy might end up getting fined).

I watched a fishing show where they were targeting almost fully grown goliaths using live bait, that bait was medium sized stingrays...because fish that big just dont give a shit about anything smaller.

Also, large ones have been known to attack divers, but are unable to swallow a normal sized person.

I see them pretty often around scuba dive sites off Panama City FL. They've always been docile, which is almost more freaky when you turn the corner around some structure of a wreck on the bottom and there's a fish the size of a dishwasher just hovering there staring at you

21 seconds in :0
Jet Bin Fever
You've never seen a woman with a bathing suit under shorts before or something?

What?! I meant that sexy camera.

Grouper is tasty and that shark is surrounded by assholes.
I second groupers being delicious.

Binro the Heretic
"Captain Lucas! Again vee see zere is nossing you can possess vich I cannot take avay."
Grandma Grouper
The Mothership
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