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Desc:A Steve Sutton dream
Category:Classic Movies, Humor
Tags:dream, Back to the Future, steve sutton
Submitted:pressed peanut sweepings
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Comment count is 7
I remember all of my dreams in vivid detail.

I recall a dream I had back in 8th grade about Back to the Future. It involved me and Doc Brown going to the past to change history by stealing some bricks from a brick sidewalk. Now to the conscious mind that doesn't make any sense. but to my subconscious IT WAS IMPERITIVE THAT WE GET THOSE FUCKING BRICKS BEFORE TIME RAN OUT!!

But I mean c'mon, we had a time machine, what do we care if time runs out?

So I wake up, and later that day I was waiting for the bus, and what should drive by but an honest to god DMC-12 Delorian. The first one I'd seen in real life. I took it as a sign that I needed to skip school and start stealing bricks. So I did. I spent the entire day stealing 200lbs of red bricks and hid them in my garage for posterity.

The city later made a big stink about the missing bricks, even going as far as to have the local paper post a story about the mysterious heist of city property and the dire consequences that would befall the perpetrators, but I didn't care.

I saved the future.
pressed peanut sweepings
Truly you are the unsung hero of our age.

Well done.

"Great Scott! Haven't you ever heard of the butterfly effect? The world is such a complex system that the precise positioning of a single brick could ultimately cause World War III!"

That wasn't against you, by the way. I was explaining the reasoning behind changing the future by doing something seemingly unconnected.

I just wanted to mention that you basically foretold the sort of thing that happens in Rick and Morty, a recent deconstruction of Back to the Future.

Doomstein, is your name Morty?

Or Justin Roiland?

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