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Desc:(Warning: They make a man happy for their own entertainment)
Category:Business, Humor
Tags:improv everywhere, :D, black friday, poetv has wonderful issues
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Comment count is 20
Patronizing, in every sense of the word.
So what, they tricked some humble store owner?
Binro the Heretic
Yeah, if I were that guy, I'd be TOTALLY pissed that all those people came into my store and bought stuff.

Seriously, these are some pretty ridiculous reactions.

"They're pretentious! How dare they make that man's day?"

These people just created an uninteresting and unnecessary ruse to be nice. Why not skip trickery and just agree to patronize a small shop and help a guy out who normally misses out Black Friday business?

The whole spectacle is about the people doing it, their prank, their funny I-don't-know-what commentary on Black Friday, instead of about the man they are purportedly doing this for.

I don't care how complicated their motivations were if they made that man happy. :)

They're still a bunch of worthless hipsters and I hate them.

The ethical act is a byproduct of non-ethical motivations. It's a good thing the owner made a living, but these people shouldn't necessarily be praised for their actions.

Oh, you.

Caminante Nocturno
I'm upset that they didn't trample at least one person. That lack of commitment to realism really burns my ass.

MacGyver Style Bomb
I'm with Caminante, this needed a fist-fight or two.

I hate hipsters and all the things they wear. They're fucking FACIAL HAIR and HEAD HAIR and their SOCKS.

But really there's a battle between heartwarming and cynicism that rages inside me every Christmas season. They made some family happy but also all the shit in 99 cent stores is made in shithole factories in China for people that have no idea what Christmas is and probably got forced off of a farm somewhere.

Never change, POETV.

Didn't mean to rate my own thing. :/
I don't get it.
Jet Bin Fever
Actual small businesses (versus the Republican definition) deserve business. I'm glad these people did this.
So it's basically a cash mob that lampoons the Black Friday culture.
On the good side this is a well-executed parody of a ridiculous retail "holiday" done in a good way in what could almost be called a random act of kindness. On the lame side, it had to be done by Improv Everywhere.
Those people...this HAS to be Williamsburg or the East Village.



3 stars for mildly boring, -1 for improv hipsters
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